Events for Adults

Interview on set with cast, Joel Diggs, Eddie George and director Jon Royal

Get to know more about what’s happening in the theater, outside the theater!

InsideOut is for those who enjoy learning what goes on behind the scenes. Our events include pre-show discussions with cast members, lunchtime show previews, rehearsal excerpts, and workshops.

InsideOut of the Lunch Box

With Vanderbilt University, dive deep into the subject matter of a production with cast members, directors, and professors.

TPAC InsideOut Podcasts

Taking you behind the scenes of the productions on TPAC’s annual Broadway season.

TPAC InsideOut LookIns

See performance excerpts in the rehearsal phase and learn about production elements from the design team.

TPAC's Theatre Workshops image

Learn more about the creative processes of theatre with performing arts pros in these practical and interactive sessions.