Ticket Buyers Beware

Be smart. Be safe. TPAC.org is the only official source for buying tickets to events at Tennessee Performing Arts Center.

Scalpers and secondary ticket brokers sell tickets, mostly on speculation, at inflated prices on websites that may mimic TPAC’s look. Tickets purchased from these websites are significantly more expensive than those purchased from TPAC directly. Plus, tickets NOT purchased through TPAC.org may not be valid and admission could be denied.

For the best experience at the best price, guaranteed tickets, and access to priority offers for other events make TPAC.org your online source for TPAC tickets. You also can buy tickets at the TPAC Box Office or by calling 615-782-4040.

Customers who have had an unfortunate experience with secondary ticket sellers should first contact the TPAC Box Office or call us at 615-782-4040. If you have been a victim of counterfeit tickets and would like to report a fraudulent ticket seller, here are some helpful online forms from organizations who can help:

BBB – Better Business Bureau – Online Complaint System

FTC – Federal Trade Commission – Complaint Assistant