Why Support TPAC?

a smiling boy in a theater full of children

TPAC’s Plan of Recovery and Relaunch

TPAC has developed a plan of recovery and relaunch to reinvigorate our vision to serve Middle Tennessee residents and beyond while expanding our commitment to the power of the arts, education, and community. Now is our time to link arms with colleagues, teachers, students, organizations, community members, donors, and funders to further TPAC’s mission for the future as follows:

excited children in a pre-K classroom

Empower lifelong learning for all, irrespective of need, through nationally recognized arts education programs that improve cognitive and creative developmental skills as well as impact the ability to see the world from a fresh vantage.

an elaborate Nashville Opera production on stage at TPAC

Celebrate artistic expression that reflects and serves our local community with purposeful, mission-focused programming, counterbalancing the popular commercial fare for which the region is more broadly known.

smiling children in TPAC's Polk Theater

Align TPAC’s core purpose with the well-being of its Middle Tennessee community as an anchor institution, advancing the arts through new partnerships with key community organizations, enriched through the lens of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater's Jacquelin Harris leaping

Relaunch TPAC’s in-person programming with expansive wellness, health and safety measures while enhancing access to online programming for all community members during the recovery ahead and beyond.

Nashville skyline at night with lights reflecting in the water

Emerge as an important contributor to our local economy through the critical interconnections between business, the arts, residents, and their neighborhoods. TPAC impacts our region by serving more than 380,000 patrons annually, supporting more than 1,500 area jobs, and generating more than $50 million for the region and area businesses while providing a sustainable foundation so that our resident companies and local artists may thrive.